In the following lines, you'll discover and download 55 videos of science experiments which are easy to do at home.

You will see EXACTLY how to to do the experiments with the equipment you have in your kitchen. How will these video of experiments allow you to learn the GOOD PRACTICE without making mistakes?

You will see how to do experiments with confidence thanks to a few little tricks!

Did the experiments not work?

• Tired of science experiments that are not clearly explained? ?

• Perhaps you've noticed that your experiments ​​have not worked? ?

• Are you trying to repeat experiments that didn't work, but just failed again. ?

• Can you not find good explanations of how they work so that you can understand them?

• Have you read any books or web articles on experiments, but still been unable to achieve them?

• Do you think that doing experiments is too complicated and that you do not have the right equipment?

• Do you think experiments are not suitable for children?

Other people have the same problem.

You're not the only one. Most amateur scientists feel the same way. It's not your fault.

You spend your time looking for the right information in books or on the web, but it is not clear. You have the right equipment in your kitchen, but you do not know it. You do not understand the explanation, because they are not explained in simple terms. The experiment fails every time because the instructions are not accurate. The experiments are described to you as though you have a Masters degree in nuclear physics and it does not interest you.

And it's MUCH EASIER than you think.

What you REALLY need are simple and understandable explanations for you and your children. You need step-by-step explanations. You need to see a video to understand how to manage the equipment. You need the right information, ready to hand.

No you're not going to create a nuclear reactor in your living room - fortunately!

We will not try to show you how to make a nuclear reactor, modify DNA or invent a revolutionary new chemical substance or any other unrealistic home experiment. This is not a 300-pages book, this guide was created to be easy and understandable to everyone and to let everyone do successful experiments at home with confidence!

Start now, Tonight or this Weekend

Tonight you will be able to perform experiments at home in your kitchen. You'll find that you already have all the necessary equipment in your drawers. Once you download the guide, you can start to have fun. You can watch all 55 videos and choose what experiments to do first.

This weekend you will be able to offer your children clever and interesting activities. You will be able to observe DNA, creating rainbows in the sky, watching sound waves ... 55 experiments in total!

Do you know of a better education than learning through play?

What is more natural for a child than a game? Scientific experiments to do at home is a sure-fire way to spend quality time with your children while empowering them to grow intellectually.

Several studies of thousands of children have shown that undertaking educational activities regularly promoted their healthy development.

Undertaking educational activities helps your children to develop well.

There are a lot of advantages:

  • Increasing concentration
  • Developing curiosity
  • Looking at the world differently
  • New knowledge
  • Using the imagination
  • Learning to ask questions
  • Learning to think
  • Organizing thoughts and intelligence
  • Working and discovering for fun

A lot of research and work

I spent many hours searching the web for experiments which were easy to do at home, but I realized that I was struggling to make the most of them because the information was not clear and precise. So I selected the best experiments, together with the right information and explanations and spent 3 months making videos where I shot the exact steps to follow to succeed.

The Best Guide In The Field

55 Videos to follow to do experiments and make them a success.

55 Fact sheets that explain the exact processes step by step.

• A helpful list of materials you already have at home in your kitchen.

• The experiments are classified by themes biology, physics, chemistry and general.

• Develop the attention, curiosity and concentration of children.

Experiments that explode, change colours, move, jump, and sparkle. Experiments which are new and exiting.

110 hours of fun and educational activities for children available immediately.

• Discover how the world works.

• Practical hands-on activities to develop the senses.

Instant downloading to perform the experiments at once.

Download the experiments. You just need to follow the steps to make them work. That's all!

You're about to download a pack with guides and 55 videos of experiments immediately. These guides are presented as sheets with an introduction to the experiment, the list of equipment, the procedure to follow that will take you step by step through how to perform the experiment and an explanation of why and how the experiment works.

55 Videos are included in the pack. They describe each experiment precisely. You just need to follow the steps to create a successful experiment. You can pause at any time and progress at your own pace or your children's.

You can read the guides and videos on your computer, TV, tablet or smartphone.

1 Maxi guide + 3 BONUS guides

A unique pack with a Maxi guide + the BIOLOGY guide + the PHYSICS guide + the CHEMISTRY guide. Includes 55 videos that show you how to do successful experiments.

The package you're about to download immediately includes videos. You will not find a guide which suggests experiments to do at home explained on video in any general shop or bookshop.

Enjoy a Guarantee of Success

If you follow the instructions in the step by step guides and videos and your experiments do not work. You will be refunded in full.

MAXI Science Guide + VIDEOS + Bonus

Included in this offer:

The MAXI science guide + the VIDEOS

The SPECIAL PHYSICS Guide + The VIDEOS: FREE instead of $9.99

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For whom are the guides and videos intended?

The guides are suitable for children, they are a useful tool for teachers, youth workers and parents who want to set up scientific experiments easily.

Do the videos show the exact procedures to perform the experiments?

Yes the videos show exactly how to do the experiments. Simply copy them at home.

From what age can children do the experiments?

Children of 5 years can start to do the experiments with help from their parents. Then by them selves from age 7.

Do I need to buy any extra material in addition to the pack.

No, you already have all the necessary equipment at home in your drawers and your kitchen (oil, sticky tape, spoon, water, salt, pepper ...)

How do I get the guide once the order is placed?

You will be automatically redirected to the guide's download page after you make payment.

Testimonials! What do parents say?

"Easy to understand and the experiments are simple to do. A lot of fun ahead!"

Mathieu Abran - Terrebonne, Québec

"It's well done and easy to understand I only did it with my eldest, who's only 5, but I also found it very interesting. My eldest was very curious and wanted to know all about it so it's perfect. Bravo and I'm looking forward to more, new experiments."

“They were very keen to do the scientific experiments. They asked lots of questions afterwards. And wanted to do it again.“

“Le guide était destiné à une de mes petites-filles faisant ses études d'institutrice. Elle paraît avoir apprécié le guide. “


“They enjoyed it and they especially liked to see that there were new experiments they had never done.“

Leroux Nancy - Malartic, Québec, Canada

Maxi Videos Guide + 3 FREE Video Guides

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45CAD instead of 91,16CAD

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